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"Travel” theme for Harrow competition part 1

For this theme, I had thought of doing something different from the obvious,plane,ship, scenic view etc and the idea of a hitchhiker came to mind. I found pictures 1 and 2 quite interesting, but thought the settings weren’t quite right so I found an empty road -pic 3. I originally made this an A3 picture, using the girl,but as she didn’t look like a serious hitcher (more like someone lost),I opted for using the man positioned on the empty road and at a smaller (A4) size - see Picture 5.

At the moment, I have reached the position shown on picture 6. I’ve tried to use lighter tones of veneer for distance in the background and the trees on the right will need a lot more work to make them more realistic!

I’ve got until November 17th to get it right…….

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