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Unbelievable Marquetry International Marquetry Exhibition 2021

The Egg by

Ivor Bagley

St Albans Marquetry Group

Marquetry at its best I can’t wait to be able to interviewIvor and find out how he made this egg. It's one of the most

stunning applications of marquetry I have seen.

Also at the international marquetry exhibition 2021 you will see lots of other items that are stunning, ill be covering some of them in the weeks to come. You still have time to get down to the exhibition it runs for the remainder of the week.

International Marquetry Exhibition 2021 16th October to 22nd October. (23rd is an AGM day). (weekend 9am to 5pm, weekdays 10am to 5pm)

Entry is free and you can see marquetry examples from all over the UK.

Niland Conference Centre

Rosary Priory,

93 Elstree Road Bushey,

WD23 4EE

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Last year's International Marquetry Exhibition was cancelled so this year's Marquetry Exhibition 2021 should be something special. Most of us have been locked away for two years so productivity has been high. The 2021 Marquetry Exhibition at Bushey Heath should turn out to be quite a spectacle, we are anticipating lots of comments on social media this year and there is speculation that the marquetry society is going to have a new website and really embrace social media. Because of covid and people wanting to get out and about clubs are starting to take on new members, reports that sports halls are fully booked, gyms are booked thoughout the day, not just in the evening. This is starting to suggest that there is going to be big changes in arts and crafts. Marquetry brings along its own benefits, one of them being just how cheap and mobile it can be. You can be set up and get going for as little as £20 and have all your kit in one small box ready to move around to different venues.


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