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Beginners Programme

The Harrow Group now have a new programme for beginners which consists of a number of tutorials.

Starting by teaching the basic methods, we continue right through all the processes until you have completed your first project.

Meet your tutors

As there is one-to-one teaching, the beginner can go at a pace that suits him or her.

All four tutors have been judges at national levels and have won numerous prizes for their work. 

Does very artistic work and is a general allrounder, favouring applied work and miniatures. 

Also Secretary of the Group 

Janet McBain.

Tony Gillett

General all rounder, but mainly does pictorial work. Started with cut-as-you-go method.  

Also Chairman of the Group 

Brian Freestone

Known for his unusual approach to subjects and applied work.

Was also Groups main teacher and marquetry advisor.  

Les Dimes

Does mainly pictorial work and well-known for his portrait work. 

Also Vice Chairman of the  Harrow Group 

And  Vice Chairman of the National Society

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