Three veneer pictures
This is a competition class where three veneers only are used including edges (the back can be any veneer). Using only three creates an overall harmony, but it also needs the marquetarian to chose those veneers carefully, normally using woods that have different shades within them.
A prime example is Timber (after
Dave de Matteo) where one sheet of American gum was used for the background, head, face and trousers. The saddle was shades of rosewood and the jacket was an unknown wood with many dark areas.
Timber (after Dave de Matteo) came second in the national 3-veneer class 2011.
Steve McQueen in three veneers. The work is known as The King of Cool.
It was Highly Commended in the national 3-veneer class 2017 .
The Veteran (after Fred Fields) won the national 3-veneer class as well as best portrait 2013 
Drawing upon which this piece of marquetry was based.

All the work on this page is by Les Dimes.

Drawing upon which this piece of marquetry was based.
Photograph upon which this piece of marquetry was based.
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